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This ingredient name is not according to the INCI-standard. :( What, why?!


There are several types of ceramides both in the skin and used in cosmetic products. Read more about ceramides here >>

Products with Ceramide

Flexione Hypoallergenic Moisturizing Lotion Guerisson 9 Complex Cream INUF Responsible Skincare Restore: Plant-Based Lipids Repairing Serum Jenpharm Dermive Oily Moisturizer UV Doux Atosoft Cream Cleo Laboratories Cleo Ultra Moisture Prana Spaceuticals Precious Fluids Éclat Natural Skincare E’clat Superior Double Repair Hydramoist Moisturizer BeUKone Blue Copper Peptide Hydrating Serum (30Ml) Cleo Laboratories Ultra Light Moisturizer Dermatique Shine Control Moisturizer African Botanics Ceramide Repair Booster Cuteskins 24k Gold & Retinol & Vitamin C Hydrogel Eye Mask Fitglow Cloud Ceramide Body Cream Majestic Pure Cosmeceuticals 24k Gold Facial Mask Blankie Daily Moisturizer Dermagen RM-Repair Cream Holy Snails Sauce Du Mois Shark Sauce+ Hanbang Shark Lumin Clarifying Body Wash Momiji Beauty Brightening Hydrogel Eye Patches Phyto Lab Vitamin B3 + Ceramides Brightening Essence Skin Functional 2% Ceramide + Gaba Liquid Moisturiser Votre Peau Retinol Serum Complete Skin Solutions Copper Peptide Serum Complete Skin Solutions Copper Peptide Serum Doctors Cosmeceutical Hydrate Me Thirst Quenching Ampoule Glamveda Rice & Ceramide Sunscreen Limoni Hyaluronic Ultra Moisture Toner Maaez Skin Deep Hydration Face Cream Moisturizer Skin + Nourishrx | Water Based Moisturizer The Potion Magic Balm Cassaras Fusimed B Klean beauty Hydrating Moisturiser Lumin Keratin Strengthening Conditioner Melano Pharma Melanthenol Cream Naturalú Cosmetics Skin Barrier Repair Revuele Bioactive Cleansing Micellar Milk Collagen & Elastin WishCare 12% Niacinamide Serum With 2% Zinc, Oats Protein & Green Tea Bella Amore Skin Himalayan Healing Soap Emollient Lotion HiroTokyo Sakura Koji Skin Lotion Labos Vanergy UV Plex Tinted SPF 35 Pa+++ MD Skinical Ceramide Repair ACO Eczema Treatment Cream Apifil Barrier Repair Lotion Eucerin Atopi Control Lotion Jenpharm Dermive Jenpharm Dermive Oil Free Melano Pharma Melanothenol Osmotics Cream Extreme Intensive Repair