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About INCIDecoder


Nice to see you here! :) I am Judit, a computer scientist currently turning into a cosmetic chemist. INCIDecoder is my idea to bring these two together - a tool to help you to understand ingredient lists at a press of a button.

Not just giving you some numbers or colorings (though we do that too, if you are in a hurry :)), but having science-based and easy-to-understand explanations about more and more ingredients, so that you can truly understand ingredient lists, kinda like a cosmetic chemist does.

The site is definitely a work in progress. If you see any errors or missing info, please do use our report error buttons and we will do our best to continuously improve.

If you want to test what INCIDecoder does, head to our Decode INCI page. We can analyze ingredient lists even from a photo. Give it a try, we think it’s pretty cool. :)

Judit & the ID Team