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Rosense Gesichtswasser Rosenwasser

Gesichtswasser Rosenwasser

The rose water from Rosense provides moisture, clears and cleanses the pores of the skin and acts against pimples and blemished skin. It is based on the pure distillate of Rosa Damascena and contains no alcohol, no preservatives, no artificial fragrances or colors, which makes it very well tolerated even by sensitive skin. The rose water constricts the pores, which tightens the skin and thus prevents wrinkles and blackheads. As an eye compress, it has a refreshing effect against dark circles. Suitable for all skin types.
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Ingredients overview


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Alcohol Free
Fragrance and Essential Oil Free

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Distilled Rose Water (100%)

Rosense Gesichtswasser Rosenwasser
Ingredients explained

Also-called: Damask Rose Flower Water, Rose Hydrosol;Rosa Damascena Flower Water

The flower water coming from the flowers of the Damask Rose. In general, flower waters (also called hydrosols) are diluted versions of essential oils coming from the same plant. They contain the same components but in much-reduced concentrations.

Similar to its big sister, rose oil, rose water also has a lovely, relaxing scent. It contains some antioxidant and antimicrobial compounds, as well as some fragrant components

If your skin is super sensitive, it is a good idea to choose products without fragrant floral waters. 

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