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Myristyl Nicotinate

Also-called-like-this: Nia-114


Myristyl Nicotinate (MN) might not sound familiar, but Niacinamide probably does. If it does not, click here to catch up. Our molecule is an oil-soluble derivative of skincare superstar, niacinamide that was developed to deliver nicotinic acid to the skin without causing flushing (tiny amounts of the acid form of niacinamide cause skin flushing, but otherwise, it is a skin goodie similar to nia). 

And research shows that Myristyl Nicotinate delivers. It is a stable and well-tolerated molecule that is known to enhance epidermal differentiation and skin barrier function. It is also a nice addition to retinoic acid therapy to reduce the side effects such as flaking and irritation.

Show me some proof

  • Jacobson, Elaine L., et al. "A topical lipophilic niacin derivative increases NAD, epidermal differentiation and barrier function in photodamaged skin." Experimental dermatology 16.6 (2007): 490-499.
  • Jacobson, Myron K., et al. "Effect of myristyl nicotinate on retinoic acid therapy for facial photodamage." Experimental dermatology 16.11 (2007): 927-935.

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