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Ethylhexyl Dimethyl PABA

Also-called-like-this: Padimate O, Octyl Dimethyl PABA, Eusolex 6007
What-it-does: sunscreen


Ethylhexyl Dimethyl PABA is a chemical sunscreen agent that protects in the UVB range (290-320 nm) with a peak absorbance at 312nm. Other than that, we struggle to write anything positive about this guy, as it is photo unstable (looses 10% efficacy in 20 mins and 50% in 85 mins), not an unfrequent allergen in sunscreens and shows some endocrine effect in animal studies. 

All this does not mean that it is not considered safe as used, it is (and is approved up to 8% in the EU and US and up to 3% in Japan), but we do think that there are plenty of other and better UV filters out there. 

Show me some proof

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  • Couteau, Céline, et al. "Study of the photostability of 18 sunscreens in creams by measuring the SPF in vitro." Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis 44.1 (2007): 270-273.
  • Michelle Wong, The LabMuffin Guide To Basic Skincare, page 83, Padimate O

Products with Ethylhexyl Dimethyl PABA

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick Palmer's Anti-Dark Spot Fade Milk Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence Revox Just Daily Sun Shield For Oily Skin Revuele Retinol Moisturizer SPF 30 Watsons Aqua UV Whitening Sun Protection Facial Gel Watsons Aqua UV Whitening Sun Protection Facial Gel SPF 50 Pa++++ Banana Boat Gold Aceite bronceador con Extracto de zanahoria y Aceite de coco Beviro Lightweight Face Moisturizer Brelil Bio Traitement Beauty Cristalli Liquidi John Plunkett’s Superfade Cream Revox Just Antioxidant Serum SPF 30+ Revuele Anti Pigment Day Cream SPF 50 Revuele Anti Pigment Day Cream Tinted SPF 50 Revuele Ceramide Anti-Blemish Daily Cream SPF 50 Revuele Sunprotect Daily Face Cream Moisture Boost SPF 50+ Revuele Sunprotect Daily Face Cream Oil Control SPF 50+ Revuele Sunprotect Tinted Face Cream SPF 50+ Revuele Vitamin C Moisturizer SPF 20 Alfaparf Milano Semi Di Lino Cristalli Liquidi Philip Kingsley Preen Cream Anti-frizz Treatment Target Pro By Watsons Daily UV Protection Skin Repairing Facial Milk SPF50 Pa++++ Target Pro By Watsons Daily Uv Protection Whitening Facial Milk Vivant Skin Care Derm-a-renew Dr. Max Sun Care 30 SPF Sun Lotion Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick Sunscreen SPF 15 Vivant Derm-a-gel Vivant Skin Care Derm-A-Gel Level 1 Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Deep-Conditioning Treatment Philip Kingsley Pomegranate & Cassis Elasticizer Palmer's Skin Success Anti-dark Spot Fade Milk Palmer's Skin Success Fade Milk Tone Correcting Body Lotion Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme Deep Conditioner Philip Kingsley Swimcap Parasol 25 Spf Sport Sun Protection Mill Creek Botanicals Aloe Vera & Paba Lotion Luster’s Pink Hair Lotion Luster’s Pink Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion - Original Lotion Makari la Belle Glow Carrot Glow Intense Toning Glycerin Dermik Crema Humectante La bella glow Express Glow Triple Fast Lightening Beauty Milk la Belle Glow Extreme Glow Strong Lightening Beauty Milk Dermik Crema Nutritiva Catrice Allround Concealer Multicolour