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Citrus Nobilis Oil

Also-called-like-this: Mandarin Orange Oil


The essential oil coming from the whole plant of the Mandarin Orange. In general, the main component of citrus oils is limonene, a super common fragrant ingredient that makes everything smell nice (but counts as a frequent skin sensitizer).  The majority of the essential oil is in the peel, but the leaf also contains some with slightly different chemical composition. 

Both the peel and the leaf oil contains some phototoxic compounds (the leaf oil contains methyl-N-methyl anthranilate), so it's a good idea not to use Mandarin Orange Oil containing products during the day.

Show me some proof

  • Lota, Marie-Laure, et al. "Chemical variability of peel and leaf essential oils of mandarins from Citrus reticulata Blanco." Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 28.1 (2000): 61-78.

Products with Citrus Nobilis Oil