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NYX Professional Makeup Studio Finishing Powder

Studio Finishing Powder

"A 100% pure mineral silica finishing powder"
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Ingredients overview


#alcohol-free #fragrance & essentialoil-free
Alcohol Free
Fragrance and Essential Oil Free

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Ingredient name what-it-does irr., com. ID-Rating
Silica viscosity controlling

NYX Professional Makeup Studio Finishing Powder
Ingredients explained

A white powdery thing that's the major component of glass and sand. In cosmetics, it’s often in products that are supposed to keep your skin matte as it has great oil-absorbing abilities. It’s also used as a helper ingredient to thicken up products or suspend insoluble particles. 

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what‑it‑does viscosity controlling
A white powdery thing that can mattify the skin and thicken up cosmetic products. [more]