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dermalure Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) 10%

Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) 10%

LEVEL: 1 / STRENGTH: Light / SKIN PENETRATION: Papillary Epidermis / ACIDITY: PH 1.5 / Ideal for BEGINNERS. Excellent immediate results at the MILDEST concentrations. This peel provides a brightening, lightening and tightening effect on the skin with MINIMAL peel, flake or downtime. RecommendedRecommended for EXPERIENCED chemical-peel users who can confidently use MILDER chemical peels such as: lower LEVEL 1 TCA peels, lactic, salicylic, glycolic, mandelic, malic and citric acids without discomfort.
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#alcohol-free #fragrance & essentialoil-free
Alcohol Free
Fragrance and Essential Oil Free

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Trichloroacetic Acid exfoliant goodie
Purified Water solvent

dermalure Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) 10%
Ingredients explained

Also-called: TCA | What-it-does: exfoliant

We don't have description for this ingredient yet.

Also-called: Aqua;Water | What-it-does: solvent

Good old water, aka H2O. The most common skincare ingredient of all. You can usually find it right in the very first spot of the ingredient list, meaning it’s the biggest thing out of all the stuff that makes up the product. 

It’s mainly a solvent for ingredients that do not like to dissolve in oils but rather in water. 

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Normal (well kind of - it's purified and deionized) water. Usually the main solvent in cosmetic products. [more]