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Limited visibility products

If you see this warning on a product page, it means that the product is visible only via its direct link but not in the product list under our products page or in the search results.

Products uploaded to us have "limited visibility" by default until our admins check and approve them.

In rare cases, products stay in limited visibility mode even after approval. The reason might be that we could not (uniquely) identify the product or more commonly that our platform could not understand the ingredient list and we felt that the product page is not useful enough to be publicly visible.

We do try our best to understand and decode every ingredient list uploaded to us. However sometimes the list is so full of non-INCI standard ingredient names that it is impossible to know what is in the product. Or it might be possible to figure it out but it would require a disproportionate amount of time and energy from our admins that would jeopardize our ability to check all the other uploaded products in a timely manner.

If you feel that our decision to keep a product page in limited visibility mode is unfair, please email us at and we will take a second look. Or, if you got to know a more "INCI-standard" version of the ingredient list, send it to us, and we will happily update the list. :)