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Phragmites Kharka Extract

What-it-does: antioxidant, soothing

Products with Phragmites Kharka Extract

Delia Cosmetics Soothing Face Toner Kitoderm Dual Action Acne Facial Foam Lullage Soothing Spray Instant Bloomka Spray N' Chill Facial Mist RITUALS The Ritual Of Namasté Clarifying Facial Toner Roccoco Botanicals Milk Repair Trilogy Sensitive Very Gentle Calming Serum Bloomka Happy Barrier Glow Brightening Melted Moisturizer Bloomka Happy Barrier Melted Moisturizer Bloomka Happy Barrier Pro Hybrid Melted Moisturizer Trilogy Very Gentle Moisturizing Cream the bath box Rose Hydrating Mask Cosmed Intensive Moisturizing Cream the bath box Delicate Dream Calming Facial Serum Cosmed Atopia Cleansing Oil (new) Cosmed Atopia Protecting & Moisturizing Cream Ecooking Anti-Redness Cream Pure Bubbles Overnight Resurfacing Serum SPEICK Deo Stick Pure the bath box Rose Dream Serum the bath box Rose Hydrating Serum In Jar M Picaut Hydra Miracle Serum Masqmai Calming Booster RITUALS Sensational Soft Cleanser Trilogy Very Gentle Cleansing Cream Trilogy Very Gentle Eye Cream Veracity Selfcare Inflammation Response the bath box Jade Galacto Multi-herb Essence the bath box Kombucha Gentle Exfoliating Toner the bath box Salvia Deodorant Cheryl's cosmeceuticals Dermashade SPF 30 Spray Geek & Gorgeous Calm Down 4% PHA + BHA Liquid RITUALS The Ritual Of Namaste Cleansing Balm Trilogy Cream Cleanser Mossa 3In1 Cleansing Micellar Water Kitschy Power Glow Activated Serum Cosmed Atopia Cleansing Oil Glowinc Acnecore+ Acne Spot Gel Pratista Retinoid Night Cream Skinmurch Multiaction Treatment Teddy Clubs Flor De Rosa the bath box Eye Essential Serum In Jar BABOR After Sun Bloomka Persian Silk + Ash Tree SPEICK Sun Sonnenceme Lsf 30 Somethinc 2% BHA Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment Wardah Acnederm Edriva Shiny Skin Serum Faaborg Pharma Ultimate Face Cream – Day SPF 20 Harlette Waterymelon Deep Hydration Emulsion