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What-it-does: perfuming, solvent


A naturally occurring floral component with a delicate scent that can mask the odor of other raw materials but is not noticeable in the final product. It also has remarkable antimicrobial and preservative boosting abilities and can help to create "preservative-free" formulas.

Products with Phenylpropanol

Aminu Regenerating Serum Aminu The Azure Copper Peptide Serum Lavido Hydrating Facial Toner Lavido Purifying Facial Toner NEWA Lift Activator Gel Rationale #5 The Milk Concentrate SR-Skincare 10% Vitamin C Serum SR-Skincare 10% Vitamin C-Serum Sensora Contour Moisturiser VAKOS XT a.s Salvus HYALURON ACID 3% SÉRUM 30 ML Absolut care Vitamin C Serum Acure Resurfacing Inter-Gly-Lactic Serum Larens GLA Serum Acure Brightening Vitamin C & Ferulic Acid Oil Free Serum Acure Brightening Vitamin C & Ferulic Acid Oil Free Serum Basd Invigorating Mint Body Wash Belo Essentials Kojic Intensive Whitening Toner Cien Double Action Eye Makeup Remover Waterproof High Beauty High Maintenance - Cannabis Peeling Mask High Beauty High Maintenance Cannabis Peeling Mask Norwex Naturally Timeless Day Cream Norwex Naturally Timeless Radiant Eye Cream Portia M Pomegranate Serum African Botanics Marula Mineral Cleansing Mask Freshday Intimate Wash Nanogen Growth Factor Thickening Treatment Serum VAKOS XT a.s KAŠTANO-KOSTIVALOVÝ GEL 125 ML Algologie Des Dunes Lotion Balea Tuchmaske Magic Wonderland, 1 St Beverly Hills MD Lash Enhancing Serum™ Bruno Vassari Ha50X Multimolecullar Filler Catrice Lip Plumping Mask Caudalie Feuchtigkeitsspendendes Gesichtstonic Caudalie Hydrating Toner Caudalie Vinoclean Moisturizing Toner With Rose Water Caudalie Vinopure Clear Skin Purifying Toner Danielle Laroche Turmeric Soothing Facial Serum Essence Catching Clouds Hydrating Milky Face Mist ISDIN Baby Lotion Nutraisdin Kylie Cosmetics Kybrow Pomade Naïf Cooling After Sun OZNaturals Glycolic 30% Medium Strength Micro Peel Odele Texturizing Sea Salt Spray Portia M Pomegranate Face Wash Youth Lab Daily Cleanser Normal To Dry Skin Zarqa Sensitive Cleansing Tonic Balea Tuchmaske Taugtraumer Bionike Defence Rebalancing Cleansing Gel CLEARSTEM Skincare Pregame Face Mask Esika Oxygen Supreme Limpiador Facial Multiaccion En Gel Con Caviar Verde