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What-it-does: preservative


This totally unpronounceable ingredient (let’s take a shortcut: MCI) is a super effective preservative with both antibacterial and antifungal effects that works at very low concentrations. 

The bad news with it though is that it can sensitize the skin easily (it’s a so-called non-fragrance allergen). It’s not permitted to be used alone, but only with its BFF, methylisothiazolinone (MI), another icky preservative. Together they have a broad spectrum antimicrobial effect but are permitted to be used only in rinse-off products (under 0.0015%).

Products with Methylchloroisothiazolinone

Kamaleão Color Shampoo Mais Cor Kamaleão Color Condicionador Mais Cor Kamaleão Color Creme De Pentear Mais Cor Zero Silver Shampoo Baby Lee Acondicionador Coco&Avena Dove Go Fresh Face Cleanser Hair Chemist Pro Growth Shampoo RENPURE Argan Oil Luxurious Shampoo Telepoint family Rose Scented Hand Soap UrbanBotanics Aloe Vera Gel UrbanBotanics Pure Aloe Vera Gel ARAVIA Professional Lactica Exfoliate 10% Alcare Foaming Cleanser Anagel Ultrasound Gel Dermachem Sabonete Primer Pré-Maquiagem Erha Acneact Gentle Acne Facial Wash Hela Beauty Sun Drops FPS30 Helena Professional Hair Gel Piel Cosmetics Gialur Hyaluronic Serum 1% Ravenna Água Micelar St. Botanica Pro Keratin & Argan Oil Smooth Therapy Spray Sutra Beauty Conditioner Alberto Vo5 Herbal Escape Balancing Conditioner Ballerina Largo Increible Spray Multibeneficios Bruno Vassari Extra Rich Cleansing Foam Carthage Regeneración + O2 Cotton Tree Baby Wipes Non Parfum GNC Pets Hypoallergenic Shampoo Hidraderm ciclos Serum Vitamina C Hidraderm Ciclos Icono Acido Hialurónico Extracto En Gel Kallos Florillum Silver Gloss Lotion Skin doctors Instant Eyelift St. Botanica Argan Oil Ultra Nourishing Body Wash elf cosmetics Clear Lash Brow Mascara Ailé Apple Liquid Soap Algabo Acondicionador Suavidad Coco Y Leche BIU Gel De Limpieza Antibacterial Beauty Formulas Tea Tree Face Mask Caviahue Serum C Dermotivin Original Dorothy Gray Gel De Limpieza Facial Dove Dove intense repair shampoo Dr.Rashel Vitamin C Gel Equate Kids 3-In-1 Shampoo, Conditioner, & Body Wash, Unscented Hair Treats Hair Spa Coco Milk Hollywood By Dr. Rey Anti-Aging Facial Creme Johnny B Fuddy Matte Styling Gel Lure Cleansing Gel Lure Facial Scrub Lure Facial Serum Vitamin C