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What-it-does: moisturizer/humectant

Products with Maltitol

DHC Face Wash Powder Fancl Skin Renewal Pack RiRe Luxe Eyelash Curél Foaming Facial Wash Curél Foaming Wash Fancl Facial Washing Liquid Jonetsu Kakaku Moisturizing Lotion Collagen Kanebo SENSAI Cellular Performance Cream PYT Beauty Baby Got Base Face Primer Suqqu Vialume The Cream Tough Guy Max Hard Gel Adsorb Antibody Moist Essence Serum Ebin New York Curl & Twist Foaming Lotion Fancl Active Conditioning Ex Emulsion Hasu Gel Cream Lululun One Night For Mature Skin, Intensive Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask Lululun Precious Green Face Mask Lululun Precious Sheet Mask Balance SOCC Skin Lotion Hyaluronic Acid Suqqu Vialume The Lotion VT Cica Reti-A Mask Kracie Hadabisei 3d Facial Mask Aging Care Kracie Hadabisei Aging Care Supple 3d Face Mask Matsumoto Kiyoshi Ceramide In Skin Lotion NatuSavon Cleansing Foam White Sunohada Soothing Lotion Suqqu Vialume The Serum Yaman Flawless Gel Arata Advanced Curly Hair Cream Bare Anatomy Ultra Smoothing Hair Mask Bare Anatomy Ultra Smoothing Serum Clair Sweet Body Delicate Wash Forlle'd Hyalogy P-effect Reliance Gel Forlle'd P-Effect Reliance Gel Freeplus Conditioning Double Lotion Kanebo SENSAI Cellular Performance Wrinkle Repair Cream Kanebo SENSAI Cellular Performance Eye Contour Balm Kanebo SENSAI The Lotion Kracie Moistage Essence Lotion Moist MANUFAKTURA Strengthening Beer Hair Mask MINON Amino Moist Clear Wash Powder Matsumoto Kiyoshi Matsukiyo Ceramide Lotion Pyunkang Yul Ato Bubble Wash & Shampoo Shiseido Ibuki Beauty Sleeping Mask Shiseido Waso Beauty Sleeping Mask Shiseido Waso Yuzu-c Overnight Mask The Saem Skinny Balance Mist Uruoi Ua Deep Moisture Gel Benefit The Porefessional Good Cleanup Foam Cleanser Benefit Cosmetics The Porefessional Good Cleanup Foaming Cleanser