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Lactobacillus/​Eriodictyon Californicum Ferment Extract

Also-called-like-this: Yerba Santa Glycoprotein
What-it-does: moisturizer/humectant


Yerba Santa is a nice plant that's native to California and North Mexico. As for skincare, its leaves are rich in moisturizing mucopolysaccharides and glycoproteins.

This paticular extract is obtained by fermenting the leaves of the plant with the bacteria Lactobacillus lactis. The fermentation helps to break down the complex bio-molecules in the plant and helps to isolate the beneficial components such as the glycoproteins. 

The extract is not only a simple moisturizer but it also enhances emolliency, gives skin a soft and smooth feel, helps to reduce tackiness and might reduce skin irritation. (source: manufacturer info

Products with Lactobacillus/​Eriodictyon Californicum Ferment Extract