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Hydroxypropyl Cyclodextrin



It goes by the trade name "Phytodermina Lifting" that refers to two things: it's a "lifting" ingredient and it comes from plant raw materials. 

The manufacturer claims that it gives the skin a marked lifting effect, moisturizes, makes the skin soft and smooth, enhances brightness, and helps make-up to stay on after application.

Products with Hydroxypropyl Cyclodextrin

Daerma Cosmetics Eye Contour Serum TRANSFORMULAS Eye Lifting Gel COSRX Two In One Poreless Power Liquid Dear Me Beauty Retinol + Blueberry Extract Face Serum Osmosis Rescue Rael Moisture Melt Snowball Hyaluronic Acid Concentrate 3INA The Fixing Spray Beesline Apitherapy Whitening Serum Spf 30 Catrice Prime And Fine Multitalent Fixing Spray Gala Secrets Anti-Age Serum Gala Secrets Glow Lab Age Renew Regenerating Facial Serum RECELLIS Cellular Dynamic Hydra Concentrate Skin Labo Eyelid Lifting Serum SportFX Time Out Face Mist + Fix The Pink Foundry Anti Wrinkle Dna Damage Repair Serum Wellage Real Ha Hydrate One Day Kit 7Ea Apivita Express Beauty Firming & Revitalizing Face Mask Apivita Express Beauty Moisturizing & Nourishing Face Mask Azelique Serumdipity, Anti-Aging Coq10 Plus, Facial Serum Beesline Whitening Serum Beesline Apitherapy Whitening Serum Derma E Advanced Peptide And Collagen Serum Ful.Vic.Health Fulvic Face Cream Melaleuca Clarity Acne Spot Treatment Plush Bio Zen Eyes - Eye Serum Pratista Retinol Renewal Serum SKIN DEVA Matrixyl Synthe ‘6® + Hyaluronic Acid Serum Timeless Matrixyl S6 Serum + Hyaluronic Acid Timeless Matrixyl®️ Synthe’6™️ Serum singuladerm Xpert Sublime Concentrated Youth Serum Apivita Face Mask With Royal Jelly Catrice Prime And Fine Dewy Glow Finish Spray - Illuminating Derma E Advanced Peptides & Collagen Serum Derma Lab Lumiclar Anti-Hyperpigmentation Serum Glow Lab Facial Serum Mad Hippie Face Cream Rougj + Jaluronico Skin Chemists Pro-5 Collagen Age Defy Serum skinChemists London Advanced Retinol Serum Ciate Dewy Spritz Joli Wrinkle Defence Serum Lanthome Retinol 2.5% Facial Serum NIOD Myrrh Clay Shaklee Youth Activating Serum Simple Kind To Skin Refreshing Face Wash The Face Shop Dr.Belmeur Clarifying Spot Calming Ampoule about-face essentials Rephorm Argani Care Vitamine C Moisturizing Cream Argani Care Anti-aging serum "Vitamine C" Anti-aging serum "Vitamine C" Circadia Revita-Cyte Complex