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Hesperidin is an active compound coming from the peel and membranes of citrus fruits. It is a flavonoid with small but promising studies showing antiinflammatory, antioxidant, skin-brightening and skin barrier repairing activities. 

Show me some proof

  • Hou, Maihua, et al. "Topical hesperidin improves epidermal permeability barrier function and epidermal differentiation in normal murine skin." Experimental dermatology 21.5 (2012): 337-340.
  • Zhang, Ru-zhi, et al. "Effect of hesperidin on B16 and HaCaT cell lines irradiated by Narrowband-UVB light." JOURNAL OF CLINICAL DERMATOLOGY-NANJING- 37.3 (2008): 146.
  • Galati, E. M., et al. "Biological effects of hesperidin, a citrus flavonoid.(Note I): antiinflammatory and analgesic activity." Farmaco (Societa chimica italiana: 1989) 40.11 (1994): 709-712.

Products with Hesperidin

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