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Mu-Conotoxin Cniiic

Also-called-like-this: XEP-018


Though its name does not reveal it, Mu-Conotoxin Cniiic is a 22 amino acid peptide molecule that belongs to the "Botox-in-a-jar" type of topical muscle relaxers. (If you are new to these types of molecules, we wrote more about it at Argireline.)

It is a biomimetic peptide, meaning that it tries to copy the behavior of the natural peptide found in the venomous marine cone snail called Conus consors. Biologically speaking, the molecule acts as a modulator of the neuromuscular transmission that translates to being an instant line relaxer when it comes to cosmetics. According to the manufacturers in-vivo (made on people) study, a single application with 3% XEP-018 on 33 people results in a visible and significant reduction of wrinkle depth and rugosity 2 hours after application. Sounds pretty good.

Show me some proof

  • Favreau, Philippe, et al. "A novel µ‐conopeptide, CnIIIC, exerts potent and preferential inhibition of NaV1. 2/1.4 channels and blocks neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors." British journal of pharmacology 166.5 (2012): 1654-1668.

Products with Mu-Conotoxin Cniiic