Rosa Damascena Flower Oil

Rosa Damascena Flower Oil

Also-called-like-this: Damask Rose Flower Oil

We are big fans or all kinds of roses as ornamental plants but when it comes to skincare, it's a mixed bag. Before we list out the good and the not-so-good, just one interesting thing. 

The oil content in rose is very-very low so distilling rose essential oil requires huge amounts of rose flowers. It has such a wonderful scent that there are no comparable synthetic alternatives. You can probably guess that this means rose essential oil is expensive. Very very expensive

So the good things: thanks to its wonderful scent the high-end perfume industry loves rose oil. Also we, people love rose oil. We love its scent so much that it can heal headaches, depression, stress, and even grief. 

Rose oil contains more than 95 compounds, among them flavonoids, anthocyanins, vitamin C and quercetin that are all known for their medicinal properties and great antioxidant effect. Similar to a lot of other essential oils, it has antimicrobial properties too. 

And the not-so-good thing? Out of the 95 compounds, the major ones are citronellol and geraniolfragrant components that might irritate sensitive skin.